How to split a string in JavaScript

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In Javascript the split method can be used to divide a string into an array of substrings. The split will be performed based on a separator that is passed to the function.

Here's a classic example of how to split a comma separated list of values using the , character as a separator.

const list = '1, 3, 5, 6';

const split = list.split(',');


// ['1', ' 3', ' 5', ' 6']

However we're not limited to splitting only on a single character we can also do so based on a substring or regular expression. The regular expression used in the second example below matches capital letters.

const intro = 'Hello There My Name Is Fraser Hamilton';

const split = intro.split('am');


// ['Hello There My N', 'e Is Fraser H', 'ilton']

const splitReg = intro.split(/(?=[A-Z])/);


// ['Hello ', 'There ', 'My ', 'Name ', 'Is ', 'Fraser ', 'Hamilton']